The new invention eliminates human feelings in recruitment

February 27, 2019, 5:46 am

Recruitment is one of the most expensive and time-consuming processes for business to execute. Up to now, it required a good organizational setup and professional human resources team, as hiring an employee is rarely a single decision.  However, technology is changing the world and that includes recruitment.

Evolution of recruitment

Currently businesses, which do not use modern technology, risk to lose advantages against their competitors. Hiring has gotten harder, and it is more difficult to recruit than ever because people are increasingly changing the way they manage their careers and they aren‘t afraid to change jobs more frequently. Especially, it‘s a case in blue-collar industry, where employees turnover rate is high. That makes hiring complicated and smart recruiters have already admitted the necessity of innovations. Meanwhile, hiring managers, who are still using old-school methods, should acknowledge technological advances and invest in smart recruiting, because within a few years only those who are paying attention to recruitment technological transformation will achieve success. And those who don‘t… will be left in the dust.

Innovative automation tools make recruitment quicker and easier, it reduces or even removes time-consuming and repetitive activities to allow hiring professionals to focus on human relations. Moreover, it reduces or even eliminates human error rate, when an employee is hired based on recruiter’s “good feeling”.

As there is no doubt that modern technology revolutionizes hiring processes, the question is how to take the most out of it?

Revolutionary invention by R3sourcer

Testing framework, developed by R3sourcer Software, is probably the most innovative technology to streamline recruitment processes and reduce human bias in the selection of candidates. This is skills and knowledge-based testing system which helps to create a benchmarked environment where all candidates are easily compared based on the same criteria and all scores can be measured later. Today this is the most advanced way of recruiting as it completely removes human feelings from the recruitment process.

This functionality is also closely related to other tools to make recruitment even more reliable, easy and fast. One of the connected tools is digital employment footprint, which can be created to all candidates in the Testing Framework. It will eliminate need to ask the same interview questions over and over again every time candidate applies for a new job. R3sourcer will also combine all previous interview/testing scores and feedback scores during every employment. It reliably identifies candidates in just a few moments and lets to save time. This is a significant invention, which drastically changes how modern recruiters work today.

Is this the end?

The rise of technology has certainly changed the way of recruitment. R3sourcer functionality was developed observing the recruitment industry and understanding what needs to be invented in order to make all hiring processes as simple as possible. R3sourcer constantly improves technology taking into account the changing industry. So is this the end? NO, it’s just the beginning. We say recruitment is not an art or humanitarian process, it’s a measurable science and we are working to keep it clear and as simple as possible for all stakeholders.