Investor/Partner Program (LT)

Partner up with us

R3sourcer is sold internationally by carefully selected partners who are specialists in business IT solutions with depper focus in reource management and process automation. Join our global partner network and receive outstanding benifits and new business.

Why it’s worth to become R3sourcer partner?

Being a Sales Partner comes with amazing economic benefits. By teaming up with us, we commit to providing you with everything you need to acquire new customers and advance existing ones. In return, you will be given the unique opportunity to increase your profits by selling the worlds leading business management suite.


Benefits of being sales partner

Need simple online timesheet software? Need to automate your complex business processes? We've got you covered!


High Affiliate Commissions

As a R3sourcer Partner, you are eligible for receiving high sales commissions while growing your customer base. Through our partner program you will have a solid foundation to boost your sales efforts and drive orders home.


Continuous Earnings

Since R3sourcer is licensed using a subscription based software assurance model, you as a Partner will gain continuous earnings from your sales. This enables you to form stronger customer relationships and enjoy long-term profits.

location tracking

Local Leads are Automatically
Referred to You

Potential sales contacts that express an interest on R3sourcer’s website will automatically be referred to you. This is one of the ways we strive to make our partners’ job easier.
Grab the Opportunity to Become a Partner!

Currently we are looking for

business Partners in Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.
If you would like yourself to be considered as Business Partner, please send email with your enquiry and brief career/business background to

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Request a call and we will contact you to provide any information you might need!