Case Study: How R3sourcer will help Labour Hire businesses to increase productivity and save time

Sunday January 27th, 2019, 06:19 PM

More and more businesses are using Labour Hire services. It can help to find right workers and allows to hire the most skilled professionals in a minute. Everything seems nice from the side of hiring business, but if you work in a Labour Hire industry, you know that help companies to find the best employees is challenging and requires knowledge. Good new, this process can be automated helping you to improve productivity, save time and achieve your goals faster.

Let’s take a look how hiring process works now. Currently if client is in need to hire a worker, he has to contact Staffing company, provide requirements and pass an order to coordinator who will have to complete hiring process by finding suitable candidate. Behind the scene, hiring manager will have to find potential workers, engage and negotiate with them and once a candidate is found, formal part begins.

It’s quite complicated process, especially for hiring coordinator who never knows when and how fast a client might need an employee. In other words, up to now a hiring manager had to be ready anytime. Up to now…

R3sourcer Software is a tool to automate hiring process. How does it work? In old-fashioned way, at least three persons were involved in this process – a client, hiring manager (coordinator) and employee. In a way, invented by R3sourcer, hiring manager is no needed in hiring process anymore. Client can hire a worker and rise an order by himself using R3sourcer app. Order gets filled automatically ensuring you have enough people in your database. R3sourcer will find candidate with required skill-set to match the job requirements, contact the candidate to check availability and pass on all job related details.
This means less time-consuming negotiations with potential employees and more time to both client and hiring manager.

R3sourcer has benchmarked rating framework ensuring candidates will get rated by the same standards not by “gut feeling”. This will ensure the consistency of services.

This hiring system is incredible easy to use and effective. Be guaranteed that every single order will be taken and completed by finding the best employee to a client. It also supports advanced candidate research function – it automatically picks the best matches according to candidates skills, job roles, location and availability!

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