Candidate Pool: how Labour Hire companies can find the best employees?

Tuesday August 20th, 2019, 05:26 PM

Smart employers, who want to hire the best people, have to develop and grow their Candidate Pool of potential employees even before they need to fill open positions. Also, database must be always stocked with relevant candidates to quickly fill vacancies. And that can become a real headache for Labour Hire companies, as keeping Candidate Pool proactive and growing, requires much time and resources.

The size of Candidates Pool can vary depending on many factors. Of course, the bigger database you have, the better offer you can provide to the client. The problem is, building Candidate Pool is a long-term process and it can take months or even years. Labour Hire companies have to be ready to fill even the most specific job openings and there are many variables for each: the amount of experience required, candidate’s skills and other achievements, availability, location and so on. So it might be very complicated or even impossible to fill some of the job openings if you don’t have properly developed Candidates Pool. 

Recruiters must have many potential candidates in Pool, otherwise, it will take much longer to fill job orders. Unfortunately, great candidates don’t come around as often as recruiters would like. Understanding the struggle, we’ve built a candidate pool to fit any labour hire company’s needs. R3sourcer’s database contains a tremendous amount of prospective candidates in many industries and allows to select the right ones within minutes. It can help to meet even the most specific client demands. This is very useful for both, recruiter and client. Recruiter significantly speeds up recruiting time and delivers high service. Meanwhile, client can be assured that a reliable candidate will be selected. 

R3sourcer’s Candidate Pool allows exchanging candidates profiles for companies/agents using R3sourcer Framework. It eliminates the need to hunt candidates to fill challenging positions. The advanced rating system measures candidate’s loyalty and reliability. Also, each candidate can be asked to complete tests to demonstrate skills and knowledge. No needed to say that it significantly streamlines recruiting process. The best part is, you, as a recruiter can be always guaranteed that client’s need will be met even if a candidate is needed urgently.

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