How absenteeism and lateness from work can be solved?

Friday January 18th, 2019, 03:10 AM

Absenteeism is a voluntary non attendance at work either by missing a full day of work, showing up late, taking too long breaks or leaving early without valid reason. One absent employee can make a huge negative impact to business.

How absenteeism and lateness are impacting business?

Imagine a truck driver missing a working day and failing to deliver an important shipment. What happens? Impacts can be huge: it causes financial harm to the company, it takes time to replace an employee, it damages company’s reputation.

frequent absenteeism also creates more problems by itself – from time spent by HR team to find replacing staff to lost revenue.

Moreover, it can affect other staff members who are handed extra work which was meant to be completed by the absent colleague.

Modern business solution: pre-shift check and automatic replacement

A new modern solution can help to forestall absenteeism and lateness problems. Pre-shift check functionality, developed by R3sourcer,  simply checks if workers are on their way to work. If system records that an employee isn’t going to work it will automatically prompt the worker by notification or SMS and try to find out the actual circumstances and intention to attend.

If it seems there is no intention to attend work that day, R3sourcer will take automation to another level and it will automatically re-assigning task / project to other person and arrange job details to be sent and confirmed until the replacement arrives jobsite.

This integrated business solution helps to plan daily work schedules in a much more advanced way and lets to avoid unpleasant surprises. Companies using Pre-shift and Automatic reassignment functionalities,  have many problems solved before it occurs instead of waiting until the shift starts and finding out that an employee is absent.

More ways to be ensure about smooth work day

R3sourcer Software Limited has also developed more features to have the most productive working day possible.

For example, Automatic candidate availability check lets easily check the availability of your candidates at any time. Mapping functionality helps to avoid problems by calculating distance between employee and work object. Employer would always know if workers are where they should be during their shift.

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