Need simple online timesheet software? Need to automate your complex business processes? We’ve got you covered!


R3sourcer takes the hassle and stress out of managing deadlines, ensuring projects and tasks are on track and up-to-date. Scheduling using R3sourcer optimises your timetables and increases workflow efficiency.

Innovative shift planning and customizable scheduling g​et the right people and material to the right place on time, every time!

Client Self Service

Plan you hiring process with one click! Your client portal allows 24/7 access to your business – simply log on and monitor job requests and work progress anywhere, anytime.

Keep your finger on the pulse, literally! Track your projects and profits from start to finish, and anywhere in between.

Build trust and loyalty ​with your customers through personalised, quick response support across all channels, managing every step of the management and recruitment processes.

Be in full control of managing your staffing needs, resource management and acquisition.

Full accessibility to customer account information, and real-time data flow allows prompt, informative and accurate business decisions.

Candidate Self Service

R3sourcer’s fully functional candidate side of the software speeds up response times, improving customer satisfaction and reducing your business overheads and costs.

Candidates can update their profile with skills and abilities; qualifications, tickets and licences; and recent completed projects with employer references and verifications. Never hire blindly again!

R3sourcer replaces outdated recruitment activities and costs to your business. The open marketplace eliminates un-needed middleman costs. R3sourcer connects the supply with your demand directly.

Subcontractor Self Service

Easy and effective subcontractor management allows you to control the growth and expansion of your business without compromising your standards and brand.

Seamless integration of all data in one! Follow the billing history, purchase details, total cost of ownership, agreement/contract information, preventative maintenance schedules, and job related tasks and activities.

Subcontractors can submit invoices, raise order numbers and provide feedback on project work flow as well as efficient dispute resolution and mediation.

Award Interpreter (rate coefficient)

Calculate award rates and know your ins & outs!

Built in award interpreter automatically calculates award rates for staff, calculating their gross pay and ensuring you’re always up-to-date with your industry award.

Customisable Recruitment Workflow

Design your optimal recruitment process from start to finish. Customise and manage your own hiring stages through the applicant tracking system, ensuring your next hire has no surprises!

Automated VEVO, police and reference checks; design and set your own psychometric testing; even create your own work trials.

Testing & Scoring Capabilities for Candidates

Manage your talent pool! R3sourcer helps you to improve your next hire with the testing & scoring tool to improve productivity and decrease staff turnover.

Quickly identify the best candidates during high volume recruitment campaigns through the scores view. View the training history and new skills gained by your candidates.

Premade workflow/tests/scripts why reinvent the wheel

R3sourcer provides endless amounts of ready made and proven packages easy for you to implement and easy right away!

Use role and industry specific packages​ for ensure you cover all your bases when looking for the right person or managing a project.

Don’t let lack of knowledge or experience hold you back in business. Our ready made packages allow you to operate as if you’ve been in the game for years!

Online timesheets with different security/authorisation options

With an intuitive interface and tested security options, R3sourcer allows you to manage your timesheet generation and approval process with full control and peace of mind.

Keep the track. As a manager or admin, you'll get a report of every tracked time, so you can easily identify working hours, overtimes and brakes.

Our user friendly interface for timesheet entry guarantees efficiency and productive workflow.

Save timesheet and submit later on with ability to increase audit and control capabilities.

Sync the hours and generate time reports that are customizable to your exact needs.

Automated Invoicing

Once timesheets are approved invoices are generated automatically, which allows you to track aged receivables and cash flow in real time.

Connect your businesses to all sources of spend – purchase orders, e-invoices, paper and emailed invoices and supplier networks.

Fully Automated Payroll

R3sourcer tracks working hours, annual leave accrued, application and approval.

Wage allocations, tax, super and insurances can be reported on in real-time and reports created within seconds.

Controlled access allows employees to drive the process, all you have to do is simply hit the “approve” button.

Manage Your Subcontractors

Keep on track with your subcontractors agreements, fast and actionable information allows ensures your subbies are on track, and reduces the risk of non-budgeted costs and delays in completion.

Pre-shift check and automatic reassignment if candidate is uncontactable

Are they definitely going to work? R3sourcer automatically checks workers are on their way and if not a replacement has already been found and sent on his way.

Never get caught short handed with staff R3sourcer’s unique shift confirmation function will be your next best friend!

Candidates Profiles

Search through candidate profiles and easily find the skills and experiences you need for your next project.

Capture deeper insights into your candidates with our virtual employees profiles and toolkits of configurable assessment options.

Company Profiles

Get to know your clients better with R3sourcer’s onboarding functionality, credit checks, references, previous client interaction notes are all added at your fingertips! Never make a bad business decision again!


Tagging your clients and candidates is one of the best way to define specific groups that you want to be able to access later—you can easily filter for single or multiple tags.

Improve your search time, with our tag functions - find exactly what you're looking for through your own customised tags and filters.


Make every skill count! In order to ensure your clients are happy, keep on track with candidate skills, experience, insights and reviews, finding the right match for you and your clients.

Grade your candidates on the criteria you set. The easy to use grading system allows you, them or any previous manager to provide detailed feedback that will help you make better hiring decisions.

Automatic candidate availability check

Follow your workforce and stay connected! Easily check the availability of your candidates at any time - The automated messaging system will allow to you to verify available staff and fill the vacancies within minutes!

Automated reminders ensures candidates never miss a shift, job interviews, or forget to submit their timesheet.

Send courtesy notifications to clients confirming job orders, shifts, and to approve timesheets submitted.

Attach any files to candidate profiles

Attached Photo, ID, Tickets, licences and qualifications to ensure candidates have the skill set assigned.

Proof of tickets and licences helps streamline induction and registration requirements. Clients are able to see and download anything they need directly for themselves.

Set budgets according to projects and job sites

Set and stick to budget levels for each job site. Dividing multiple projects into one or many job sites ensures control and communication across the different subcontractors and work crews.

Multi project job sites can easily blow out your overall budget, R3sourcer allows you to set and then synchronize individual project data against the overall job site, ensuring all financial data, vendor information, and project information is available to each team member in real time.

Make informed financial decisions from the field by tracking expenses and forecast costs to complete for each line on the budget.

Secure and backed-up servers

Keep your data safe! Our highest security standards guarantees the protection of your data - your business information, accounts, networks and contacts, tenders, time sheets and project workflows are all highly secure.

Automatic scheduled backups help to keep your data safe. Replication across regions and infrastructure monitoring prevent data loss.

Sales pipeline/workflow

Visually see the performance of your sales process - keep on track with the earnings and spendings! Manage your pipeline, define your sales strategy and get the alerts when sales targets are reached or dropped.

Get the account forecast and analyse the sales prospects seeing where they are in the purchasing process.

Keep your workflow on track - create, update, and monitor all the work, milestones, and deliverables associated with your tasks and projects in real-time.

Customisable user roles and/or permissions

Have the most wide-ranging customisation system to see and manage every single role and permission for each user, whether it’s the client, candidate or subbie!

Get the full control of a host of user types, as well as policies and permissions that can be set for your company.

Define your own roles and assign those roles to any user to suit your own organisational structure and workflow.

Distance calculator/mapping functionality

Use the distance calculator to find out the distance between your job site and the candidate! Research shows that the greater the distance between worker and shift, the greater chance of something going wrong. Our distance function eliminates this time old issue!

Favoured List

Know your talents - make better hiring decisions!

Tag your favourite workers, against particular clients, job sites and staff and reward reliable and loyal staff each and every time.

Identify future leaders from by looking inwards and fostering a culture of high performance and development.

Talent management helps to identify high-potential employees and establish a succession process to develop talent pipelines and individual succession plans.

“Black” list

Don’t repeat the same mistake twice! Our black list function allows you to track those candidates that have caused you issues and received negative feedback.

Record ​history of behaviour, failed inductions and onsite testing, review client satisfaction feedback and behavior of the candidates in order to predict and prevent future failures!

Increase your business risk control and decrease your liabilities by being aware of the network of ‘blacklisted’ users that haven’t followed your rules and expectations. Ensure your brand and reputation is never tainted.

SMS & Email Integration

R3sourcer has full SMS and email integration and functionality. Every step of your project planning is triggered and backed up with SMS and Email Confirmation.

This feature allows for real time project management. Forgot to confirm the order, didn’t push send on that email? The efficiency this brings to your project progression is scary…in the best way.

The Power of SMS!

Job offers, order confirmations, morning checks, timesheets and many more can be simply managed just with one click!

Our advanced SMS system lets you to control your workflow and keep on track day by day. Using our agile message application software you can create orders, get confirmations, check on your employees, schedule work and follow up with the time sheets - it’s easy as it sounds!

Moreover, you can also create custom templates for users and send bulk sms to any of your candidates!

Advanced call redirection system- no more missed calls or wrong numbers!

Call redirection system used in R3sourcer automatically recognises the numbers and redirects calls to the team members that are dealing with specific people/roles/departments, etc;

Save your time and increase team performance - only get the calls you are meant to get!

Our advanced system also allows you to record calls - conduct phone interviews and keep on track managing you information resources!

Fast & easy candidate research system, activity reminders and many more!

R3sourcer supports advanced candidate research system - it automatically picks the best matches according to their skills, job role, location and availability! Forget about going through the candidate profiles and looking for information - R3sourcer will do it for you!

Getting busy and having hectic days? Keep on track with our activity reminders - no more missed orders, calls, assigned tasks or meetings. Our customised software will let you what are the plans for the day and what's been done or missing!