From now scientific rating system will let businesses to measure employees loyalty and reliability

Friday January 11th, 2019, 03:20 AM

From now scientific rating system will let businesses to measure employees loyalty and reliability

Employee loyalty and reliability are very important in human resources. However these concepts are hard to measure as people are complex creations who have various perceptions of loyalty and reliability. Measuring these factors can help you to minimize employee turnover and improve productivity. R3sourcer has developed scientific formula and rating system which calculates both employee’s reliability and loyalty factors.

Loyalty factor

Defined as “demonstrating constant support to an institution”, company loyalty is very important for organisational success.

Today employee loyalty is declining, therefore it’s crucial to measure and follow it up. Organisations should track workers behavior in order to protect themselves from hiring disloyal persons. The problem is, loyalty is a hard concept to be precisely quantified. Some companies are using old-fashioned surveys trying to understand their employees a bit better and get to know how loyal they are. However, it is likely to negatively affect loyalty when employees start to suspect that a company is trying to gather information that might impact them personally.

Trying to solve this issue, R3sourcer has developed scientific rating system based on worker’s repeated behavior.  It’s working by complex algorithms following particular actions and determining loyalty rate of a person. It rates workers from 1 to 5 helping to see who are the most loyal.

Employee reliability

The same as loyalty, reliability is essential to employee performance.

A reliable worker shows up for work on time, he is prepared  to complete tasks in a professional and timely manner. Meanwhile, unreliable employee is one who constantly late and can’t be trusted to meet deadlines or contribute an acceptable performance.

Reliability calculation is more complex than loyalty and that makes it even harder to measure. It has more variable factors and requires more advanced system to be calculated right.

R3sourcer provides scientific method for calculating reliability rate of an employee. It measures frequency of all possible actions considered as “unreliable” and calculates reliability level.

R3sourcer Software can help to solve reliability and loyalty problems. Most businesses face these issues nowadays. However, It shouldn’t stop organisations from growing! Try R3sourcer now and we will help you to select only the best employees who will be reliable and loyal.