3 advanced employee monitoring functions by R3sourcer

February 7, 2019, 4:43 am

Let’s face the truth –  it’s not so hard to spend 8 hours at work doing nothing. And that’s the main reason why employee monitoring is very important to today’s modern businesses. Employee tracking systems ensure that companies are getting the productivity they expect out of workers. Let’s take a look at 3 the most advanced R3sourcer’s functionalities that can help to track what your employees are doing.

  1. Online timesheets

Keeping track of any number of employees is extremely time-consuming and requires a huge amount of paper if timesheets are filled-in manually.

Meanwhile, R3sourcer online timesheets allows business owners to manage everything they need to know about their employees: working hours, brakes, overtimes, employee’s attendance. In short, everything that employer want to know to have a peace of mind that you are getting what you pay for.

As every business is different, R3sourcer timesheets can be fully customised allowing employers decide what exact is needed to be tracked. User friendly interface for timesheet entry guarantees efficiency and productive workflow. Time is money! So time management is crucial to run successful business.

  1. Location tracking

Employee location tracking during shift hours can give numerous benefits to a company. Have you ever wondered whether your workers are where they are supposed to be? Do they start doing their tasks on time? Do they even attend work today? Location tracking can help employer to understand better what’s going on. It also lets to communicate with workers more efficient as employer always know where they are and what they are doing.

Not only it provides information to employer, it also impacts productivity. When employees know that their location is tracked, they are less likely to waste time, have too long brakes or take other unauthorized actions.

And finally, people are tend to take some inappropriate actions if they have a chance. So even if you feel that you completely trust your employees, without tracking system, you may never know that you have  problem.

  1. Pre-shift check

Pre-shift check allows employers to avoid unpleasant last minute surprises, when employee doesn’t show up at work without noticing. This functionality  measures time from employee’s home to jobsite.

If R3sourcer’s algorithm observes that worker has not left home on time, it will send sms or notification asking if he is going to attend work today. If the answer is “NO”, R3sourcer will automatically re-assign task / project to other person and arrange job details to be sent and confirmed until the replacement arrives jobsite. As custom solution we have built solution where “robot” call can be made and answers on dial pad can be entered. We can build solution where candidate running late gets asked why and information with estimated (computer measured) arrival time will be sent as notification to direct manager. This will help to avoid situation where “I’ll be there in 5” turns into arriving in 1 hour although worker clearly knew it.

Read more about pre-shift functionality here.

There is no doubt, R3sourcer HR Management Software will help to save your time and increase employees productivity. Considering to try? Do it for FREE: www.r3sourcersoft.com/try