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Business Automation and Labour Hire Software

R3sourcer is designed to build end-to-end business processes using automation and minimise the human factor. This cloud-based tool has been developed to work across all industry types.


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Resourcer Software

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Resourcer Software

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Resourcer Software

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Resourcer Software

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Need simple online timesheet software? Need to automate your complex business processes? We've got you covered!


Business management automation

Connect your business to all your sources of spend – from purchase orders to e-invoices. Now you can manage your clients better with R3sourcer’s on-boarding functionality and never make a bad business decision again!


Projects control

Optimise your timetables and increase workflow efficiency. Check if employees are actually going to work using our unique morning check functionality. Control projects with one click!


Recruitment and HR automation control

Improve your next hire with our testing and scoring tool to increase productivity and decrease staff turnover using Candidates Pool. And, once an employee is hired, R3sourcer tracks working hours, annual leave accrued, application and approval.

API integration

R3sourcer can be connected to any other software with an open API. It’s engineered to have an API endpoint for every object in our software. Just use your imagination while building and combining your digital workflows and processes. We can also help you with customised connections and integration.

Resourcer Software can be connected to Unify Software
Resourcer Software can be connected to XERO
Resourcer Software can be connected to QuickBooks Software
Resourcer Software can be connected to jobadder
Resourcer Software can be connected to piperdrive

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