How your Labour Hire company can save up to 60 % recruitment time with R3sourcer Software?

Friday June 14th, 2019, 06:18 PM

Time-saving recruiting technology is crucial to any Labour Hire company. Tools are great to have and there are literally thousands of HR and business automation solutions available. However, having too many tools can actually waste more time than save it and it can become too hard to pick out the trash from the treasure.

Recruiting workflow in Labour Hire companies is very dynamic, it requires precise management and, most importantly, the professional team. Human Resource department constantly has to look for the right candidates and solve issues that current employees or clients have. The problem is,  HR managers still have to fill documents manually and work on other administrative tasks, which actually can be done by computer. Meanwhile, HR professionals could spend more time on higher value priorities such as talking to candidates to asses their personalities, which anyhow can be completed by Artificial Intelligence and algorithms. The question is, which processes in recruitment are the most time-consuming and how time can be saved?

One of the most promising automated recruitment functions is “Candidate Pool”. R3sourcer Software operates huge database containing thousands of candidates profiles, which are already filled with such information as candidate’s skills test score, work experience, availability to engage, location etc. Once a profile is created it becomes “Digital Footprint” and can be shared between previous and future employers who have access to “Candidate Pool”. The most time-saving thing here is the elimination of the same questions asked over and over again every time the candidate applies for a new job. All the information is accessible to recruiter already. This network helps both employees and employers. Employees have an opportunity to get noticed by many relevant companies and get suitable job offers. Meanwhile, employers save a tremendous amount of time by automating candidates resume screening, which is considered as the most time-consuming part of recruiting.

Using employee data on previous performances, R3sourcer Software also allows compare candidates against industry or skill benchmark. Algorithms score each candidate, so hiring decision can be made based on statistics avoiding human bias and saving time. Also system rates candidate “Reliability” and “Loyalty” factor by measuring repeated behavior. It lets to immediately reject not suitable candidates for a particular role and saves up to 60 % of recruiting time.

Once a candidate is hired, there are still many ways to save time. R3sourcer is all-in-one solution, so it helps to reduce time consumed in the further human resource management process as well. Autofill functionality allows all employees shifts to be filled by computer automatically. So it doesn’t require a person to do it anymore, moreover, system ensures that productivity won’t be affected if a worker is absent. In this case, R3sourcer will contact replacement, passes on all relevant information and makes sure candidate arrives to jobsite. This is a common problem for blue collar industries where staff turnover is relatively high. Another great time-saving feature is “Pre-shift check”, which guarantees all workers arrive work on time or identifies lateness or absenteeism. 

Those are just a few examples of how time can be saved by automated recruitment. The best part of it is that the quality of Human Resources department remains the same or even get higher, as automation reduces a chance of human error. According, to our survey and clients feedback, R3sourcer helps to save 40-60% of recruiting time in Labour Hire companies. It varies depending on what functionalities company use.