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Relationship Management

Innovative Automation


This R3sourcer feature takes the hassle and stress out of managing deadlines, ensuring projects and tasks are on track and up-to-date. Scheduling using R3sourcer optimises your timetables and increases workflow efficiency. Innovative shift planning and customisable scheduling g​et the right people and materials to the right place, on time, every time!

Customisable user roles and/or permissions

Design your optimal recruitment process from start to finish. Customise and manage your own hiring stages through the applicant tracking system, ensuring your next hire has no surprises! Automated VEVO, Police and reference checks; design and set your own psychometric testing; even create your own work trials.

Award Interpreter (Rate Coefficient)

Calculate award rates and know your ins and outs! R3sourcer’s built-in award interpreter automatically calculates award rates for staff, calculating their gross pay and ensuring you’re always up-to-date with your industry award.


Tagging your clients and candidates is one of the best ways to define specific groups that you want to be able to access later – you can easily filter for single or multiple tags. Improve your search time with our tag functions – find exactly what you’re looking for through your own customised tags and filters.

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Secure and backed-up servers

Keep your data safe! We use the highest security standards to guarantee the protection of your data – your business information, accounts, networks and contacts, tenders, time sheets and project workflows are all secure. Automatic scheduled backups help to keep your data safe. Replication across regions and infrastructure monitoring prevent data loss.

SMS & Email Integration

R3sourcer has full SMS and email integration and functionality. Every step of your project planning is triggered and backed up with SMS and Email Confirmation. This feature allows for real time project management. Forgot to confirm the order? Didn’t push send on that email? The efficiency this brings to your project progression is scary…in the best way. Our advanced SMS system lets you control your workflow and keep on track day by day. Using our agile message application software, you can create orders, get confirmations, check on your employees, schedule work and follow up with the time sheets – it’s as easy as it sounds! Moreover, you can also create custom templates for users and send bulk SMS to any of your candidates!

VOIP Integration

R3sourcer automatically recognises the numbers and redirects calls to the team members that are dealing with specific people, roles or departments. Save your time and increase team performance – only get the calls you are meant to get! Our advanced system also allows you to record calls – conduct phone interviews and keep on track while you manage your information resources!


Make every skill count! In order to ensure your clients are happy, keep on track with candidate skills, experience, insights and reviews, finding the right match for you and your clients. Grade your candidates on the criteria you set. The easy-to-use grading system allows you, them or any previous manager to provide detailed feedback that will help you make better hiring decisions.

Attach any files to candidate profiles

Attach photos, ID, tickets, licences and qualifications to ensure candidates have the right skill set assigned. Proof of tickets and licences helps streamline induction and registration requirements. Clients are able to see and download anything they need directly for themselves.

Fast and easy candidate research system, activity reminders and more!

R3sourcer supports advanced candidate research systems – it automatically picks the best matches according to their skills, job role, location and availability! Forget about going through candidate profiles and looking for information – R3sourcer will do it for you! When you’re feeling too busy and your days are hectic, you can keep on track with our activity reminders – no more missed orders, calls, assigned tasks or meetings. Our customised software will let you see the plans for the day and what’s been done or missing!


You can add customised webforms to your job ads or link to your website to reduce data entry and get candidates to do it for you!

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